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Get Your Affiliate Link

We have listed our product in the affiliate network. All affiliate commissions are immediately paid to your paypal account for each referred sale.

You get 60% commissions for every sale you refer for ALL front-end and back-end products!

Simply click the link below to get your affiliate link. If you don't have a free account at JVZoo, then you will be redirected to the signup page.

Click Here to Get Your Affiliate Link >>

Why JVZoo?

We are using JVZoo because we have experienced very high sales conversions through this network. This is mostly due to the smooth sales funnel process the customers experience while ordering our product.

How do you get paid?

When you first signup for your free JVZoo account, you must first verfiy your PayPal account with your JVZoo account. After you connect your paypal to your JVZoo account, you can start promoting products from the JVZoo network.

You get paid your commissions instantly when your referral buys the product. So you don't have to wait to get paid, you get paid on every sale. The way it works is, when your referred customer orders our product, the funds go into our paypal account and then our paypal account will automatically calculate and send your commissions directly to your paypal account at the time of sale. This is all processed within JVZoo, and you can see all your sales stats within your JVZoo account.

Where can I see my sales statistics?

Simply login to your account and go to the "Affiliates" section to see all your commissions statistics.


Our Old Affiliate System

Our older affiliate system is still working and you can login to your account using the following link:

Login to older affiliate members area

You will still get awarded your commissions if you are still using your older affiliate links. BUT .. I highly recommend using our NEW affiliate system and replace all your affiliate links as soon as possible. We plan to remove the older affiliate system, so it's important that you update your affiliate links ASAP.

Earn Commissions Right Away!

If you want to get started right now on making money with this affiliate program, you can use the share tool below to get a message out to your favorite social network.

Simply insert your affiliate link below and click the "Insert Link" button. We suggest slightly altering the text to make your post/share more unique and not get labeled as a duplicate. Also, we recommended that you shrink your affiliate link using a link compression service. The one that we recommend is

Finally, click the share buttons to post an ad on your favorite social network, and start earning instant commissions.

Feel free to use this tool as often as you like!

Posts, Shares & Tweets
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Share this page on Facebook

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Solo Emails

One very powerful method for earning affiliate commissions is through email marketing.

Simply copy and paste the proven email copy below and send it out to places such as your own internal mailing list, ezine solo ads, media buys, or other paid list sources!

Copy and paste the solo emails below into your autoresponder now and schedule them to go out in the morning.

I have the best success when I deliver emails between 8:30am to 11:00am EST. Also, the {!firstname_fix} is the place holder for the subscribers first name and corresponds to the autoresponder service.

They are among the best services on the planet and are responsible for 80% of all my profits!

If you do not use an autoresponder mailing list service, we highly recommend the following:

Aweber (one of the best in the business)

GetResponse (another very good autoresponder service)


Suggested Email Subject Lines:

Email Copy 1: ( Short )

Email Copy 2: ( Long )


Don't have a mailing list?

Co-registration is another way of buying targeted subscribers and leads for your newsletter/ezine from a 3rd party service.

Your leads are gathered by offering something in exchange for the user's email address.

It basically involves having your subscription offer listed alongside other subscription offers, and when someone signs up for another newsletter, they are given the option to signup for yours as well without having to re-enter their information a second time.

This is one of the easiest methods to building a targeted mailing list and takes very little effort. The leads are extremely targeted because you only pay when someone joins your list and see your offer.

The co-registration service we highly recommend is:

Getresponse Marketing Power Leads

If you are not interested in building your own list, then you can also rent lists where the list owner will send your email promotion to their list on your behalf.

A popular service called The Directory of Ezines is a great place you can promote the above email copy across hundreds of different ezines that are targeted to making money from home.

In addition, here are a list of top tier sites you can buy a solo ads from in their newsletters and/or website ad spots:

Here are many 2nd tier email traffic sources and solo ad sources:


Use the banners below to insert into your blog, website, forums, newsletters or even through paid advertising such as Google image ads. You can also use them in banner exchange programs!

Here are some banner exchange programs you can start using right now:

In addition, you can also post the banners in the following ad networks:

In order to add any of our banners to your blog or website, simply copy the text featured within the HTML text boxes shown below each graphic, and paste it into the source code of your webpage or blog.

It is highly recommended that you insert these banners into your high traffic web pages.

Also, you can insert these banners into your blog as well as right inside your eBay about me page. See the eBay about Me page step for more details.

468px by 60px


468px by 60px


160px by 600px

Signature Ads

Simply copy and paste one of the following signature ads into all of your outgoing emails. There is usually a feature inside an email program that allows you to insert a signature.

Use the corresponding help section in your email program or service to find out how to insert a signature ad into all your outgoing emails.

Signatures are very powerful and effective when sending emails and posting in online forums.



Advertise on your eBay About Me Page

One very powerful way to earn commissions is to insert a banner and your affiliate link inside your eBay about me page. Therefore, when your auction visitors click on your about me page on eBay, you have the chance to earn cash from possible sales generated from that highly targeted traffic! People on eBay REALLY want to know what the best selling products on eBay .. especially ebay sellers, so it's very easy to get sales from your about me page!

Step #1 - Go to your about me page section

Login to your ebay account and click the "My eBay" link located at the top of the page.

Next click the "Personal Information" link located in the left-hand menu of links. (just under the "My Account" link).

Next, click the "edit" link beside the About Me page section.

Finally, click the "Edit Your Page" button.

Step #2 - Editing your about me page

In the next section, you can select the "Use our easy Step-by-Step process" or the "Enter your own HTML code" option. It doesn't really matter which one you select.

To make things easier, select the "Use our easy Step-by-Step process" option and continue to the next page.

Here is where you can enter any of the promotional material offered on this page.

You can enter the html code from the banners section, signatures section, articles, solo emails ... whatever you want into any of the HTML sections.

Try different layouts and promotional content.



Blog Post

Go ahead and plug the following blog post into your blog. If you do not have a blog, then jump on over to to get one for free.



Pay Per Click Ads

Pay-Per-Click marketing is one of the fastest ways to get very targeted traffic to your affiliate links, especially in the "eBay Marketing" niche.

We recommend starting with Google Adwords to advertise in PPC, but we also highly recommend trying other top PPC networks to boost your advertising efforts.

Here are some targeted keywords you can use to promote the our product. These are just sample keyword lists and you should consider using these keywords as seed words for long tail keywords. Use the free KeywordOptimizerPro software to get a ton of long-tail keyword ideas.

Keywords related to "affiliate marketing" Keywords related to "ebay/auction/selling"

Need more long tail and targeted keywords? Automate the research process and make your work easier with this excellent FREE software called Keyword Optimizer Pro

Below you will find several sample ads you can use to create your own PPC ads. We highly recommend changing the ads slightly so that your ads are not flagged as a duplicate in the ad networks. To avoid lowering your ad quality score and costing your more per click, you should slighty change the following sample ads. In doing so, it will increase your Click-Through-Rates ( CTR ) and overall profits per campaign.

Sample PPC Ads

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