Top software developer reveals his secret weapon. Uncover hundreds of top selling items on eBay with the most advanced, most powerful all-in-one eBay research software weapon!
Hot Item Finder - Total eBay Domination Research Software

Software Last Updated: Aug, 2020

Cut down research time and STOMP your competition on eBay by uncovering what your consumers are buying!

Hot Item Finder - Total eBay Domination Research Software

Hot Item Finder - Total eBay Domination Research Software


Hot Item Finder - Total eBay Domination Research Software



I don't normally provide testimonials because most products usually don't impress me 100%. Not so with Hot Item Finder. I've used it since the beginning and it was worth the invesment! I highly recommend it.

Mario Giordani



"...A Million Dollar Business Secret"

Hi, this is Dave Vallieres and I want to share a Million Dollar Business Secret with you...

It's worth that much and more... but I'm not going to charge a penny for this piece of advice. Why not?

Because it can be written down in just 2 sentences!

Ok... here it is:

"Most people do NOT succeed on the Internet
because they are selling things no one wants.

If you want to be successful sell ONLY things that
people really, really want to BUY."

Sounds easy doesn't it?

"Sell ONLY things that people WANT to buy!"


It is... you only have to find out what they want and GIVE IT TO THEM! Nothing beats hard research. I wish there was an easy way to find out what the hot selling items are on eBay for example... if you could, you could make a fortune!

In direct marketing, you can always find out what's selling by referring to the SRDS Direct Marketing lists. They will provide you with the number of buyers, the ave. ticket (sale) price and more. It's an amazing resource!

If you want to sell something on eBay you have to know what is selling and for how much it's selling for.

...and to my amazement Dave Guindon came to me with his unique eBay research tool which provided exactly that,

Yes, an easy way to find the best selling products on eBay in only minutes!

I have personally recommended Dave's software to my InfoProductLab subscribers and the feedback has been fact I still get feedback even though I promoted this product over a month ago!

Thanks Dave for a great product and business relationship,

Dave Vallieres

Dear David,

This is the best product since the invention of cake. The videos are so easy to understand.. The visual hands on is awesome. I am a retiree, and struggling to build my ebay business. I just lost my powerseller atatus with ebay which make me a little sad. I just could not find the right items to list anymore.

Your poroduct is a Godsend. Thanks!



Excellent job and very informative. For something that is free, I got more information than many of the products I have bought on the Warrior Forum. I look forward to any other videos you may record. It is refreshing to have the chance to listen to someone who is not continuously trying to sell me stuff and as a result, I would be more likely to purchase something that you recommend than most others that are constantly trying to sell me garbage. I have opted out of most others email list but will look forward to your. Great job.

Stan Hathcock

 Dave, I finally pulled the trigger and bought Hot Item Finder...boy am I glad I did! As someone with over 1500 auctions completed; this is some great information to have. To be honest, the tips you give are worth the price of the product by themselves and I haven't even had time to check out the bonuses! Keep up the great work.

Lee Overton

Dave, I have quietly making a living online for over 10 years now. Needless to say I have bought everything, now I actually still buy most things just to see what they are, you never know. Anyway, It is a breath of fresh air when I run across someone who is honestly trying to help people and has the knowledge, expertise and experience to do just that, you are that guy. Thanks for your great ideas and much more.

Brian K. Johnson

Dear David,

I just wanted to personally email you and thank you for the BEST software I have ever come across dealing with Ebay.

Not only you have an awesome software, you are also the kindest and most prompt online marketer I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Your software has helped me make approximately $600 in the last 3 weeks by uncovering small profitable niches.

Thanks a MILLION.

Alina R.

Los Angeles California

P.S. Thanks for the software fix. the new version is about 3X faster!


Hi David,

I have been looking for a product like this for ages, I knew there was a niche for hot products but finding them was a headache and time consuming,

thanks for a great product!

Jack Wright

Hello Dave,

Thank you again for making your new version much more powerful and user-friendly, I updated from the old one immediately. I really love this tool because it just does so much for me. Once I load it I can quickly research the hot items or the most watched items in minutes! And it is so much fun too!

Thank you Dave for a really cool toy, and a huge way to have an unfair advantage over my competition.




New Version is super fast; almost too fast! Great improvement; ease of use is also much improved.

Right on Dave!

Dave L


Dave thanks for the great software and especially all the time you put into the video showing tips and tricks. I thought I would just skim them and then ended up watching then all.

you did a fantastic job, thanks for the time. Keep me posted on upcoming products. 

Hi Dave,

hot item finder is a really great program! i have always been looking for a program to help find trends and "hot items" on the current market. its very easy to use, very straight forward and its real time!

Adam Hoystrim


 Hello Dave,

Excuse my English since I'm a French Canadian ! That said, I want to Thank You for that wonderful package you put up together. I haven't made anything with it yet ( Just finish to download It) But, browsed thrue it and feel that this Thing will show me the way to the lightg at the end of the tunel.

Keep up the good work and THANKS again

Claude Arsenault 

 Hey Dave You're the man!

I just downloaded everything and what a value for the small investment. What I appreciate the most is your clear instructions, you don't leave anything out and as I am new to this type of marketing I appreciate the way you tutor. I am looking forward to getting this all set up Thanks 

Anne Talbott

  Hi Dave,

I have been looking for a great "fresh" product to promote, as I have just started coaching with Alex Jeffreys, and wanted something better than the other students all promoting the same thing. I have been a customer of yours for over 12 months, and have purchased all your software and training. Your products are 110% top class and your video's make life easy. This newest product is no different, VERY professional and polished! You have a customer for life here.

Mark Anderson 

thank you Dave.

I am a novice in the industry and I appreciate your absolutely easy step by step guidens for people like me, who don`t know to much. I have decided to succeed in this business. Thank you for your effort to make this happens. By the way I am from Norway so please have patience with my English. Thank you for also giving secrets who not anybody want to give.

Best Regards ,

Are Meisund 

I have been selling on ebay for a decade and never have found any software that truly impacted my business. Feedback Analyzer and the other software titles by Dave Guindon have been a tremendous asset. His software standouts from the 1000s of other "internet marketing" software packages by offering a COMPLETE video training system that not only shows how to use the product but actually tips on how to find loopholes to positively impact your sales. 

Tara Rogers

 This is a GREAT "NEWBIE" program with many of the eBay secrets revealed. This tells you what information you need to know before making your bids and how to support your customers. In addition, Dave Guindon has a fantastic check-list of videos for the "NEWBIE" up to the less-challenged. This is a GREAT listing from the actual program up to the interior knowledge being taught to the purchaser. 

Rosemary Lewis

Dear Dave,

In the kaleidoscopic world of internet marketing one is easily dazzled by the array and breadth of products/systems designed to make a more efficient marketer. Your products like Hot Item Finder bring a welcome simplicity to using, understanding and realizing the benefits toward that goal. As we're all too aware, time is one of the most precious resources we have, and HIF saves a lot of it! I like the interface and obvious care that went into the internal design as well (never worry about it hogging the system!).

I am extremely impressed with the support and commitment you have to your products, especially with the lifetime upgrade guarantee. Can't tell you how I've been burned on that before. So I'll keep watching and (most assuredly) using products like HIF as I scale my self-employed, independent income mountain.

Brandon Guillermo

Feedback Analyzer is GREAT! It's such a simple to use piece of software and it really does strengthen customer's impression of you when you include the BEST feedback comments from previous clients directly in your auctions. 

Brian Kurtz


Hot Item Finder - Total eBay Domination Research Software



Hot Item Finder - Total eBay Domination Research Software




Hot Item Finder - Total eBay Domination Research Software




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