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Dear Friend,

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Master Resale Rights Included!

I swear, every single day I get emails from friends of mine telling me to check out some weird or funny video on  How about you?  Haven't you checked this site out at some point?  

I admit it... it seems like I'm there every other day looking at dozens of funny videos, and I often end up visiting the websites of the videos' creators.

And that's why I think you're going to love this.  If you've ever wondered how you can make money with the current online 'YouTube' craze, then this could be the most important letter you ever read.

"Among the top 25 Web brands ranked by unique audience, YouTube was the fastest growing from January to June 2006, increasing 297 percent, from a monthly unique audience of 4.9 million to 19.6 million.

The number of Web pages viewed has grown even faster, increasing 515 percent, from 117.6 million in January to 724.0 million in June. The average time spent at the site has increased 64 percent during the same period, from just over 17 minutes to nearly 28 minutes."

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings

Here's what this is all about:  My name is Dave Guindon, and Michael Rasmussen just written a smoking hot new report on how online marketers can take full advantage of, and use it to drive hoards of traffic to their websites.

There's GOLD In Those Free Online Videos!

Have you ever gone to, and said to yourself, "Wow, there is so much traffic available on here! I wish I knew how I could drive some of it to my site."

Well, you're not alone. A LOT of marketers feel that way too, but nobody knows how to do it. You see, since the site is so new, nobody has really figured out the secrets for taking advantage of their massive traffic, and using it to generate leads for their products.

That is... until now!

An Explosive Opportunity Waiting For You!

As of right now, there are no products on how to generate traffic using YouTube, because nobody has really cracked the code on how to do it.  This amazing report I've created is truly the first product of it's kind, which means that it'll be in VERY high demand with the online marketing crowd.

But this letter isn't about my report, and why it's so powerful. This letter is about you! Instead of just releasing my new report to the public, I've decided to offer the resale rights to my readers, so you can profit instead.

Now I know you're wondering...

"Why Would You Offer Me The Resale Rights Instead Of Promoting This Product Yourself?"

That's a fair question, and it deserves an honest answer...

I've already made my fortune by selling eBooks and reports on the Internet. I've done it for the last five years, and now I've decided to change my focus to helping people just like you achieve success on the Internet.

I'm doing this because I remember how hard, and how confusing it was to create products to sell. It takes a long time, and is usually really expensive (especially if you work with a high quality ghostwriter).

Now I'm ready to step aside and help you make your fortune by providing you with high quality products that you can sell for 100% profit.



Discover The Little-Known Secrets Of Generating FREE Website Traffic From YouTube!

Click Here to See a Detailed Description of This Product

As you can see, this really is a high quality product, so you can rest assured that you'll be offering people information that could literally change their lives overnight.

This Product Has Never Been Released Before, And You Get The Master Resale Rights To It.

Not only will you get the Master Resale Rights to this IN DEMAND product, but I'll also throw in the complete mini-site including the sales letter and graphics so you can start selling it immediately.

Inside this package you'll get:

  • The complete "TubeTraffic" report with Master Resale Rights.

  • A powerful and persuasive sales letter that was written by a professional copywriter.

  • A full set of professional graphics created by Vaughan Davidson, the absolute best graphic designer for eBook covers on the web today.

  • A complete ready-to-upload website that you can begin selling the product from immediately.

As you can see, this package is about as turn-key as you can get. I'm literally handing you everything you need to take this product and make money with it. All you have to do is drive traffic to the sales page, and collect the money. It's that simple.

What Can You Do With The
Resale Rights To "TubeTraffic" Ebook?

There are so many things you can do with this eBook, because it has never been released to the public. Here are just a few examples of what you can do to start generating profits immediately:

  • If you have an opt-in list, you could just blast off a quick email, and make a fast and easy profit.

  • You could add value to your existing product package by offering this ebook as a bonus... driving the value of your product through the roof! (and that means more sales... a LOT more sales!)

  • Sell it as a back end product. Everyone knows the real money in Internet marketing is on the back end. You can just put a link to this report on your download page, and get people to purchase it while they're still in a buying mood.

  • Create an upsell offer for your visitors. This is almost too easy. Just add this product to your order page, and let people add the report to their order for an extra 15-20 dollars. There's a certain percentage of people who will always buy the extras, so this is almost like free money for you!

  • And so much more! There are so many ways you can make money by grabbing the Master Resale Rights to "TubeTraffic".

Value : $77

Master Resale Rights Included!

Squeeze Pages are HOT!

If you're not using a squeeze page on your website... you're missing out on TONS of money.  We all know that list building is the key...and squeeze pages convert much better than a simple optin box...PERIOD.

However it takes A LOT of time to create professional-looking, custom-designed squeeze pages that gets prospects to opt-in and build YOUR list...

Introducing..."Dual Squeeze Page Profit Package" Worth $67.00 - No Graphics Editing Required!


This will be the first time you'll see something this simple yet powerful when it comes to squeeze page design!

For a professional design that portrays an image of trust and professionalism it would normally cost you anywhere from $150 (on the very cheap side) to $300...for a squeeze page design that really does an effective job.

Here's the good news...

You Can Now Grab These *TWO* Professionally-Designed, Squeeze Pages That Convert Like Crazy!

Just check out these amazing features:

  • No graphics editing needed at all...

  • Two tweaks to your html and they're ready for your Aweber autoresponder to take over (If you don't use Aweber, it'll take you about 5 minutes to tweak about 5 lines of html with your autoresponder code to have these babies functioning like a charm.)

  • The entire page (both pages) created so all you do is edit the text and you're ready to go!

Okay...instead of me explaining it all to you...let's just take a look...

I've uploaded two screenshots of the exact squeeze templates you'll receive when you order. Take special note of the text in the templates.  It does a great job of explaining everything.

Also...keep in mind these are only images and not the actual templates you'll receive.  Therefore, the page may take a little more time to load than usual (and of course you can't test the autoresponder form.  But trust me... they both work flawlessly!

Click On The Images Below To View The Full Screenshots Of The Squeeze Page Templates You'll Receive:

As I've explained in the actual templates above...

All you need to do is open the template in your favorite web authoring program like Frontpage, Dreamweaver or NVU, edit the text, tweak a line or two of html for your autoresponder and that's it!  You're done!


You can instantly have two "professional" squeeze pages working for you 24/7 pulling in subscribers.  More importantly, they adaptable to any niche...any product...and membership site... the list goes on and on!

I designed these templates as generic as possible yet attractive and powerful enough to do the job.. no matter what niche you're in...these puppies can instantly be unique to your niche -- your business!

Value : $67

I sure hope you are excited as I am! This is an unbeatable combination ... and I want to sweeten this deal even MORE!

As a special bonus, I will also give you the THIS FULL WEBSITE along with all the graphics, html files, and source photoshop files!

You will not find this webpage or graphics ANYWHERE online ... because I personally designed them!

Here is what I will personally include along with these 2 powerful products:

This entire sales page you are reading right now!
Full thank you page!
All graphics you see on this page!
All source photoshop graphics for the extra images I personally created for this sales page!

Value : $37

"Wow! This Sounds Like A Great Opportunity, Dave!
How Much Does It Cost?"

How much? VERY Inexpensive! Having a product that is 100% turn-key, ready to go, and ready to make you money is incredibly valuable. If you were to hire a ghostwriter to create a product like this, you could expect to spend at least a thousand dollars, and that doesn't even count the cost of graphic design, web design, and copywriting.

You see, I've already done all the hard work for you, and now I'm handing you a complete, ready to go "business in a box" that you can make money with right away.

So how much? Believe it or not, you can get your hands on the Master Resale Rights to this amazing package for only $181 (no way... because you're one of my readers, you can get your hands on it for only $37 - that's almost a QUARTER of what everyone else has to pay!) Think about it... that's less than you'd pay for a couple of cheap dinners!

But You Have To Act Now, Because The Price Goes VERY Soon. That Means You Must Have Your Order In Before Next Week!

Here's the deal: I'm releasing these resale rights for $77.00, and at that price, it's an unbelievable bargain. When you order now, you can get the Master Resale Rights for only $37 which is $40 less than what everyone else has to pay, but this special offer is only good until next week!

It's not a lot of money, either. How many times have you wasted money on something that didn't make any difference in your life whatsoever?

"Okay Dave, I'm Convinced. What Do I Do Now?"

It's easy to order. All you need to do is click the link below, which will take you to the order page, and then you just go from there. The whole process only takes a minute or two.

And the best part is... as soon as you place your order, you'll immediately be taken to the download page where you can download everything to your computer right away. Then you can just spend a few minutes uploading everything to your site, and you're ready to make money!

Go ahead and click the order link below, and secure your master resale rights now. You'll get instant access to the entire report, and all the sales materials, even if it's 3 in the morning.

Ok ... one more thing ...

My Personal Unconditional Guarantee!

Within 365 Days if you're not Satisfied I
will Refund Your Entire Purchase
... NO Questions Asked!

YES! If you are not fully satisfied I will
guarantee your money back for up to 52 weeks

after your purchase! ... No questions asked ... period!

YES Dave! - I Want to Secure The Master Resale Rights To This "TubeSqueeze" Package!

I understand that the package includes:

Full Master Resale Rights
The full guide
The complete, ready-to-upload website
The complete set of professional graphics
The powerful sales letter that will get people to buy
Full sales page with graphics to promote the master resale rights for this product alone

Full Master Resale Rights
TWO Professionally-Designed, Squeeze Pages That Convert Like Crazy!
All graphics included
Full sales page with graphics to promote the Master Resale Rights for this product alone

Full Master Resale Rights to this Package!
This entire sales page you are reading right now!
Full thank you page!
  All graphics you see on this page!
All source photoshop graphics for the extra images I personally created for this sales page!

I understand that I will receive the entire package immediately after I order. Everything is instant, so I don't have to wait at all!

I also understand that, because I'm ordering before Next Week, I will get the entire package for the ridiculously low price of $37.

Save $40.00 / Not $77

Only $37

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Your friend in business and success,

Dave Guindon, Contact Me

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